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03.03.2008 00:38
The Day I Became A Vampire antworten

The Day I became a Vampire

It was almost three-hundred years ago, back in the days of the Lord Yeram of Tae'vim.I was the third son of my Father, Eredhan Taladh vel'Mahim nol t'Farien, and the second child of my Mother, Alaine Vallaria vel'Mahim nol t'Farien. My two elder Brothers were Jurdan Ikai and Kallak Andure. My little sister was called Evaine Dolore. Back, then, my name was Shey'varr Telhat vel'Mahim nol t'Farien. That was my family. And my love - no. I will start from the beginning.
I was barely eighteen, and outside of our grand mansion. I had just been introduced in to the art of fighting with pistols, since they were something new and my father didn't want me to practice it's use too early until they were safe enough to do so. So I was outside, and one of the Lord's loyal Veterans, a friend of my father's, was showing me how to use a pistol, making me fire at distant targets. At first, the sound had frightened me. I was used to fencing, even archery, but not this. Each time I fired, I felt like running away. On the other hand, it felt like i had some magic weapon in my hands.
Anyway, while I was being taught, sometime late afternoon, my Mother and my Father came, and they wished me to pause my practice. I agreed, giving my arm and my nerves a break, thanked the Veteran soldier, and followed my parents back in to the mansion. I remember the bright colors, the halls of marble and gold, the paintings centuries old, and flags of the Empire, the different Military Regiments, and, of course, the family's Emblem, crossed swords behind a shield bearing a golden stag, all made complex and beautiful, and far more impressive than words could tell. So I walked through the halls, and I came to the dining room, and there were many other people. I did not recognize them, but i did recognize the crest their bodyguards bore. It was the crest of the Barony of Jurim, somewhere northeast, far from the coast. I had wondered what they wanted, and i was soon to figure.
So we sat there, and the baron himself introduced himself. Baron Dahall Irendur of Jurim, and his Wife, Evanessa Lorea. Then he introduced his daughter Jereyanna Aeria Serene. And after the introduction I was to know that I was to marry that very girl. I was in outrage that I was to know this so late, and besides, that despite their position, they were lowly in the rank of nobility compared to us, their family had existed for a mere century, and I, in my youth, would not marry a stranger.
I left in anger, that day, and i had no idea that i would fall in love.
So, over the weeks, my parents and her parents did their best to keep my mood high, and they tried so hard that i did spend time with dear Jereyanna. We talked often at the old oak, and she told me of her childhood in Jurim, how she had rather wished to travel the world. She told me she wished she had sisters and brothers, and once she said she wished she was born a boy. I had not cared, not for a long time, about what she told me. But she told me more and more, so I had actually began to care and listen and ask. She told me her favorite color was yellow because of the sun, she always looked in to the sun when a cloud covered it enough so you could look at it without harm. After she told me that, i loved doing that too. And she told me how she rarely ate any meat because she felt sorry for the animals that had to die for her. And then I began eating less meat as well. And she told me how she always envied the young men that came to court to ask to gain decent fighting skills. So I taught her how to fence and how to use the bow.
Weeks were suddenly months, and then the winter came. We often had visitors, in winter, and winter was a frightening time. Accidents happened frighteningly often. After the first snowfall, it was Sir Traevan Kael'dall vel'Toriam that had visited us most often. He was Landlord of a place to the south, just out of our land's borders. He had been a frightening man, pale as a corpse, witty as a Talak-Hound and as poisonous as a snake. He had interest in trading goods because his lands were in lack of some wares, and my father fell for a bad bargain. Still after the trade done, he came more often.
All the while, I was outside with Jereyanna, and learnt more of her. And I began to appreciate her beauty, her blonde hair, so pale they were near white, her eyes somewhere between green and yellow, her soft skin, her thin fingers, her sweet little nose, those perfect brows... All of her that i was allowed to see. We played in the snow and we caught together a cold and kept the servants running for us. We had a grand time, all of winter, and I hadn't noticed that I was watched, that my every step was being watched and memorized, because I was falling in love.
Spring came, and i was often outside with Jereyanna. I bought her a horse, a fine, white stallion for her alone. Together we rode out for the days, enjoying the awakening nature, the flowers that began to bloom. I took her to the beach, and we rode alongside the edge of the grand sea. I gave her flowers, perfect roses, i let a goldsmith make a ring for her. And then we were to marry in the midst of summer. I was overjoyed, and i couldn't have been more happy. But on the day before our wedding, the Baron Dahall Irendur of Jurim died. He had no son and no heir, but the lands were given to me. So I was now Baron Shey'varr Telhat vel'Mahim nol t'Farien of Jurim, but I wished no titles, nor responsibility or lands. I wished to marry the woman i fell in love with. I journeyed with her to Jurim, attended at her father's funeral and found another man, Zuran Derek, that was capable and worthy of ruling those lands in my name.
The days became colder. Jereyanna and I, we journeyed back home, and there we prepared another marriage. We agreed to the deepest winter, and so we spent every waking moment together, looking forward to that one day. I spoke soft words of love, wrote poems to her beauty and cared not for those many other things i had once cared for, before i had met her, learnt to love her deeply. Then the first snowfall came, and we again had visitors.
One week before our marriage, i had gotten a set of beautiful clothes, in blue and whites, for all the glory of Eion. The thread was silver and the embroidery was perfection, showing our family's emblem. The dress my fiancée had gotten was simply stunning, and i had wished our wedding on the very same day. But I had to wait another week. That day, late night, I had gotten in to conversation with Sir Traevan Kael'dall vel'Toriam, that man from the south. He had told me how he admired my father, and how he admired me, as well, for handling the situation with the barony i unwillingly inherited. He also admired my skills in poetry, art, in warfare. And he said that my eyes showed that I was meant for things far greater. He was a mere guest, that night. I went to bed after a long conversation about the great Lord Emperor and of Eion, and hoped to awaken to see my beautiful love again. I was not to see Dawn, though.
I remember the pain that struck me when I had awoken, and how quickly I had lost consciousness again. It was frightening, that awareness, that bite in my neck. I knew was to die. I had stumbled out of the room, barely able to move due to blood loss. All the rich walls were covered in fresh blood. All servants were dead, pale, had bites and slashes, stabs, cuts. Some had broken bones, others were ripped apart, and again others were torn open. I do not know how i managed to keep my stomach on a normal level. Maybe because I thought it was a bad dream.
I stumbled on, through the mansion, down the stairs that became a waterfall of sweet red. I stepped outside, where the servants had begun to make preparations for the upcoming wedding. They all were dead, as all inside were. I saw my parents, my brothers, my sisters. And there, beside the lowest pillar that was painted by blood, there she was, my Love, my dearest love. Half-blind, falling down the stairs, I managed to get by her side, held her tight, cursed Lord Eion and all the world, cursed all. And then He came, the man, the Master, my Master, the demon Traevan Kael'dall vel'Toriam. And he said i was to live eternally now, and he gabbed me and fed me his blood. After my certain death, I awoke. But I was not dead, and he was not my master. Full of anger, hatred, and a fury that was not my own, I killed him. I do not know how, but I know, after I could think consciously again, he was dead before me, just as all others were dead as well. I fled the place, fled it, fled it forever, finding home in the forests of the region, hidden, sorrowful. The rays of light, they hurt me, and I knew not why. I could not eat, and I knew not why. I could not drink, and I knew not why. And my heart, it beat no more, and I knew not why.
That was my life, and how I became what I am.
Those that helped me, abused me and taught me, they came with time. First came Ishtehn, and she gave me her blood, teaching me that I needed blood to live. Then came Daran, who promised me a normal life in exchange for the life of many others. Then there was Zuriak, one of the last few of my kind, who taught me some of the powers i was given, before he was slain. And there was Uthan'dal, giving me a place to live in exchange for some nasty work. Many others followed, and i learnt to seal away my grief and bury the man that was Shey'varr Telhat vel'Mahim nol t'Farien. I had no land, no people, no true love nor family, no beasts and no friends. I had become a Fiend of Eion, a plague that was becoming extinct. And as I grew older, i lost many traits i had. Or I hid them, in silent, everlasting hope. I lived, somehow, and saw how the grand Empire united, how it grew, became grand and strong, how things were invented that seemed impossible at first.
Now I live, during the rule of an unnamed Lord, and watch over the grand Capital City counting several dozen million citizens, and I know, I am the last of my kind. One of the last of nobles. One of the last of the nocturnal pests. And my weapons today are not sword and bow. No. My weapons have become gun and explosives, and I am a criminal now, wanted by several secret service agencies and the local police, as well as several gangs and other vermin.
I am Shey'varr, your friendly neighborhood terrorist, though you won't get in trouble unless someone asks me to kill you or you try to kill me first. My friends are a brute named Dorak, a man that almost became a were-wolf, and Selina, a woman i nearly killed. And I spend most of my time upon the roofs of the skyscrapers, watching the moon, because it sometimes looks like the sun that has just barely hidden behind a cloud, just enough to look at it...

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