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17.06.2008 21:24
The Knighthoods of Jalon antworten

Jalon is primarily controlled by countless minor and major knightly orders, of which many have found their place in the free city of East Haven. Even if Kings and Lords claim supreme rule, they are nothing without the support of the knighthoods, and the many wars that wage endlessly are probably result of feuds between the different orders, or at least are supported to a certain degree by them, as it strengthens their position to protect the 'small and weak' in their god's name.
The most well-known order is the Platinum Fist, Holy Order to the God Asatorr; Their power is not set upon Jalon alone, no, they are known upon many worlds even beyond Nightscape, but few are aware of this, save for the Lords that command the knights upon Jalon.
Closely allied to the Fist are the Knights of the Shining Order, a set of three orders under command of the God-Lord Kjervon. The three orders each represent an aspect of their god's beliefs, and aren't shy to declare war upon each other if they don't agree.
Next are the Sons of the Sun, followers of the Sun-God Elarios. They are devout protectors and zealous believers of Elarios' calm path. They will protect whomever they see in dire need, but will never force their rule upon anyone. They have a strict hierarchy, and it is hard to speak badly of them.
The Brotherhood of the Bleeding Eye is a loose group of individuals that follow the path of the vengeful god Aaron. They claim to do justice to the world by cleansing it from all that has caught their fury. Heavy losses in their past life makes the Members of this order brutal and careless. Not few of them will do all to complete whatever oaths of vengeance they swore, and care little for their lives.
The Silver Swords are rarely come across. They are warriors, sworn to the elven god Sulothar, living for the perfection of battle. Most are sell-swords, others wander the continent in search of ever-new challenges.
The Order of the White Shields are devout followers of the Goddess of Life and Death, Jhyraea. They understand the cycle and protect those whose time has not come, yet will not hesitate to slay those that are ready for Her eternal embrace.
The Seeking Blades follow the vicious path of Vescinde, goddess of honorable battle. This order is the only one known to have more women bearing blades than men, which results in them being heavily underestimated. Few enemies have survived to see their errors, though. The Seeking Blades are horrible enemies, but enormously powerful allies.

There are countless more, controlling anything from small villages to large landscapes, with a rule varying from harsh tyranny to peaceful cooperation.

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