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Die Träumerin

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17.07.2008 23:22
Thallion antworten

In days of Past there was borne a child by name of Thallion. The boy was borne between root and rock under leaf and bloom and bore blood of elf and man. Still a child too young to think, his father, borne with ancient trees, fell to arrow of vile man and died with whispered words of love. Thereafter child and mother were banned and they together wandered far.
In years that followed, the child learned much, as though and speech and walk and run and learned to feel much of love for his dear mother that was of beauty. But also in that youthful age, he learned of feare and despise as others borne pure by man hated blood not their own.
Wand'ring mother suffered dear, still a child for elven kin, caring for her child still young and protecting him from those that feared ancient mystic blood. Yet one day as pure man does his mother came to love again a man of noble blood and of great wealth to care for them and end the threat of envious man.
So the child that had learned of fear was given noble clothes of man and riches he did not hold dear. He grew older and sorrowful watching his mother loved and fair, loving, become sorrowful. She suffered dear by her love's hand, by words of strangers come and gone, as all she did was love her child.
Illness struck his mother fair, his heart so young filled with woe, but no one cared for him, the son, or would wipe his tears away, instead they all would blamé him that he was cause for his mother^s illness that threatened to bring her soon eternal sleep.
Weep he did and wished be near to give his mother his own strength. Word and stick sent him far away from what he caréd for, a dozen times then a dozen more, until, by word of the man that claimed himself as loving father, he was locked in to his room with riches he did not hold dear and pained in heart and flesh and soul, he weeped alone and abandoned.

~ ... so singt es der Wind ... ~

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