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Die Träumerin

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01.01.2008 07:49
The Old Home of the Gods Antworten
The first world to be created was the Old Home of the Gods. IT began as a tiny Island in midst of a grand sea. Plants grew upon the isle, there was a forest and a grand mountain with deep caves. Animals, small ones, roamed, and were the first form of non-godly life.The Isle, too, knew a cycle of day and night. Pillars of marble reached high to the skies and marked that one place as home to all the gods to come.

With time, the grand pillars got company. Gods formed their own housings and the place became a town. The Isle grew,and Gods shared their favourite things with others. Also the Angelic Race found this place a long time their home until they were granted a world of their own.

Today, the place is nearly deserted. Only few gods visit this place from time to time. Not one god claims this place as their home now. The grand buildings have been conquered by wild nature or the destruction of time, and rarely does a god come to care for what remains.
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Die Träumerin

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09.04.2008 23:53
#2 RE: The Old Home of the Gods Antworten

Known gods that still come to this place:

Vaerie, Lady Dream
Yollan, the First One
Talia, the White Rose
Shevon, Queen of the Faey
Korravah, Dragon-Mother Starlight
Vinnel, Daugher of Eternal Flame
Zeis, the Wanderer

None of these reside here, though. They come and visit, tend for the place, and leave again. There is only rumored to be few sentient residents, such as the First of Servants, Sor'neth, that was cause for the creation of the angelic race, and an ancient beast within the caves underneath the mountain, said to be an arachnid of some kind, created by one of the first gods: Chaos.

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