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Die Träumerin

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01.01.2008 08:19
The Belief of Balance antworten
A long time ago somewhere near the beginning of the Second Age, the Gods and their creations began to seperate things in 'good' and 'evil'. With time, those words were defined, and people began to believe that both sides should be scaled equally. Consequene of failure to upkeep this balance, so they feared, would be the awakening of the Dreamer, and thus the sudden and violent ending of all worlds.

They Defined the words 'good' and 'evil' as follows:
'Good' is claimed to be all that gives joy and happiness, that eases pain and prevents harm
'Evil' is claimed to be all that inflicts harm, causes suffer in all ways of exsitance (mind, heart, body and soul), removes joy, hope and happiness
No matter how drastic, 'good' gives always something positive or takes away something negative to one or more people, while 'evil' takes something positive away or directly inflicts something negative to one or more people

They figured that most things that one does is both a good and evil action. So they created new terms such as 'true evil', 'true good', 'false evil' and 'false good'. Then they needed to further break down the things that were good and evil to define them more clearly. They took intention and action as terms to define what one did. IF one had a good intention, even if the action was evil (say, strike down someone to defend someone else), they called it 'false good'. Wheras if someone tricked someone else as payback, it was 'false evil'.
'True' was only what was done for its own sake. Giving money for the sake of charity, without ever thinking of oneself's losses afterward, was 'true good'. Destroying a city for the sake of destroying it, wtihout feeling joy or preventing harm from the inhabitants, was 'true evil'.
Later, people added the factor of 'consequence'.

The belief of Balance was slowly forgotten by end of the Third Age. This belief is very rare nowadays, only known to those who lived through the time where this Belief was common,or followers of a select few gods and powers.
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Die Träumerin

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03.03.2008 01:19
#2 True Evil and True Good antworten

During the Third Age, a man named Ilder Keldan was born. His soul was of deepest darkness, the incarnation of all that was defined as 'evil'. As the mortal man understood what his woul was, he began to live as such. He lost all feelings save for curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, gathered people that he used as pawns to examine aspects of his very self, and, at some point, even enslaved the King of the Draemor, binding the beast to his very self.

By finding his apparent purpose and researching it, he had become the most feared of creatures in history. Even after his death, his entire self was so determined to continue what was begun that his soul broke free of any chains. Not even the Draemor could contain him, and after the princes waged bloody war agaisnt each other on his desire, they banished him to the mortal realms, where he should have been destroyed. But he found a body to take, and through that, lived on to this day.
Those people that he had ruled in those millenia, they remained true to the old paths, but twisted by his research. Through him, a cult rose to praise him and to fear him alone. The Knighthood of the Blackened Order lives to defend and to destroy in the Dark Lord's name. The Black Rose lives to bring terror and destruction. And the Death Clan was created to mock the noble and proud clans of talae.

Opposing the Dark Lord, during the same Age a few years off, a girl was born. Though her childhood was full of suffer, her soul was endlessly pure. She was everything that the ancient Belief claimed to be 'Good'. Talia of the White Rose Tribe, though, had been meddled with by five young gods taht were fascinated by her being. They thought they could make her better than she was, and sealed their meddlings upon her soul. The meddling, in the end, forced her to step away from her path of purity, even for just a moment, and it made sure that her soul could never again be reborn.
Still, Talia managed to touch a few fair people, especially after her mortal life, and made them to those people that are today known as the Healers.

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