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02.01.2008 16:14
Zhen'hirr Antworten
The Word Zhen'hirr means unseen guardian in the old tongue, the language of the gods. (Zhen = invisible, unseen; Hirrer = guardian, protector)
They are the ears and eyes of some gods, and very, very rarely show themselves.

The Zhen'hirr are dark, dog-like creatures. Their eyes reflect the soul's color of the person they look at. They have strong magic abilities, but only use it to move through the worlds or to remain hidden. On rare occassion, when they take interest in a mortal being, they might use their powers to aid the mortal. Of course, this will be claimed luck.
The Zhen'hirr only show themselves to the person they take interest in, and only then if their curiosity is so great that they wish to know more of the person they've chosen. Of course, a zhen'hirr might lose interest as quick as he has gained it, or might be called away by godly command.

The Zhen'hirr are a nearly unknown race. Only very, very few people can tell a tale of these creatures, and the fewest of these tales tell the truth
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