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02.01.2008 16:38
Krenarii antworten
The krenarii are a race created by the First One during the Fourth Age, and this makes them one of the youngest races. The First One attempted to isolate a race and make them live peacefully, but his attempt failed.
The Krenarii appear in basic humanoid shape, but their legs are of different form and allow them to leap great distances. This allows them to move extremely fast. They have very short, dense, soft fur, and have slightly animalistic facial features. Some krenarii have mutations in form of wings, a tail or horns.
The Krenarii live deep beneath the earth, far deeper than the most creatures that live underground. They live in clans and are primarily farmers, growing mushrooms and the like. Some few krenarii decide to become adventurers, working their way to the surface. Now and then a krenarii reaches the surface and manages to return home, telling then family and friends what happened.
That which the krenarii fear most are the rare 'dark' krenarii. Those are born with all three mutations. They usually are abandoned at birth. If they survive or are not abandoned, they become dark. Tales tell that such a krenarii is posessed by a demon's soul. They gather great power and use it to destroy.

The Krenarii are a race nrealy unknown. Very few people have ever met one, and fewer tales tell the truth about the krenarii.
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