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02.01.2008 16:57
Godsbane antworten
The Godsbane were created by the God Sorrath in hope of destroying his enemy gods. He gave them great power, but too much of a free will. The Godsbane fled and since then, they are the most feared but also most unknown of assassins throughout the worlds. And their service is immensely expensive.

The Godsbane appear vaguely humanoid, their features very long and thin, almost fragile, a reason why they drape themselves in thick layers of cloth. Blades of Horn grow from their elbows, and they are generally spiked with small horns, giving them a more or less frightful appearance.
There are roughly a hundred of the godsbane scattered through the worlds, doing as they wish.

The godsbane are rare and barely known. Only few truly know somethign of them, and the rest fades in to stories and tales that are far from truth.
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