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02.01.2008 19:56
The Draconic Race Antworten

The Dragons are a powerful race of scaled, reptile creatures. They are winged, and are known to never cease to grow. They are a highly magical race and their inborn power grows the older and wiser they become.
Dragons live in many different places of the worlds. Every Draconic subrace prefers a sort of region. There are dragons living near rivers (Silver), in hot regions such as deserts or in volcanoes (red), in wastelands or other usually unwelcome places (black), in forests and deep jungles (green), in icy regions such as high mountain peaks or frozen lands (white), within the oceans, seas and lakes, or atleast near them (blue), and in blooming, open and fertile lands such as rolling hills or wide grasslands (gold)
The dragons are usually very territorial, which causes problems with other races living within the same region. Sometimes, though, dragons gather and live in union, for example the Dragons of Kallas.
Dragons are known to be 'immortal'. They do not die of age and apparently nothing can harm an old dragon. Their scales become harder and they gain stronger resistances to magic and elements. All two-thousand years a plague seeks out the dragons upon all the worlds. Those that are strong survive the plague, the weak, though, die within a few days and their bodies become ash.
The dragons have their own complex language and writing. Whilst some people think drgaons a harmful plague that destroy their homes, others see the dragons as creatures of great wisdom and knowlege, and try to learn from them.
Most dragons love to collect rare things, such as ancient tomes and fine-worked gems. As result, dragons tend to gather great treasures with time, either through gifts or sacrifices given to the dragon, or by trade.

Dragons are well-known in most realms, in the sense of they have an image of what drgaons might be, but very few people know truth of the dragons. They are, in short, more myth and legend than anything else.

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