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Die Träumerin

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02.01.2008 22:42
Golnash Minhar Abdek antworten

Golnash Abdek, also known as the Prophet, is protector and guidance to those that speak of what is to come, but also of many crafters. Golnash himself is shown as robed man bearing a heavy smithing hammer.

Golnash has spoken countless prophecies, and so far, most have come true.

His closest followers are located on Talae, in form of the Sacred Blade clan. There a part of his clan upkeeps traditions of the Clans, and his Chosen, the man only known as The Guarding, can foretell the future of the clanspeople living on Talae.

Golnash speaks his prophecies through statues of him located upon several places. The largest was built by the Sacred Blade clan in to a cliff. The rest of his time he watches the Talespinners living within the Godly Library do their work, or he wanders the world appearing as mortal.

Some say his prophecies only come true because he makes them come true; this might be true to some degree.

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