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08.01.2008 03:23
Recent Timeline of Nightscape antworten
15 years before: Robin Kalthorine the Lightbringer becomes known throughout the world for his heroic deeds

13 years before: Velank attempts to gain more power; he terrorizes jalon with his undead forces. Countless heroes stand against him

10 years before: Velank is defeated by Sulothar on Everath;

4 years before: Dara Kalthorine wages war upon Jalon and the realms of Evratha and Taroth

2 years before: Dara Kalthorine disappears; Evratha lies in ashes

Year 0 of the Age of War

Everath reforms itself in to new human empires of lords from Jalon; any remnants of the Realms of Taroth or Evratha disappear; Moonelves appear in the southern forests

Jalon is filled in joy of the news that a grand evil has been defeated; the knightly orders begin to become interested in this defeated evil, wondering why they hadn't known of it before

Nelos is filled with change; Jonakahr gains extreme profits through the newborn realms in the north; Antoris claims to have extreme assaults of undead; Sorchent barely keeps its peace as their king is nearly assassinated several times. Juliana Daros is crowned as Queen of Kallas.

Year 1

Nelos: Dara Kalthorine reappears in Garot.

Everath: Eldor Keldan is revived in Anndreninn; he was the founder of the city

Year 3

Nelos: A Hunter of the Dark Lord appears in Garot to kill Dara Kalthorine

Everath: An unknown force claims the north of the continent

Year 5

Everath: Pirates plague the coasts

Year 7

Everath: The northern force claims to follow the Dark Lord and assaults the southern countries to expand

Year 12

Everath: One of the most fearsome Pirates, Armeth, is captured and imprisoned in Anndreninn; The plague of the Dark Lord expands more

Jalon: The Platinum Fist calls out for a crusade against the Dark Lord; the countless knightly Orders begin to gather

Year 15

Everath: The Queen of Anndreninn is lost, Eldor rules in her stead

Year 17

Everath: The Platinum Crusade lands on Everath; a part moves on and lands on the other side of the continent

Year 18

Nelos: Parlax and Kallas declare war on each other

Jalon: The Kingdoms struggle without the protection of the knightly orders, falling victim to crime and surpressed minorities

Everath: the western part of the crusade hopes for aid of the Elves as they move through the continent, finding small troops of the Black Rose; the eastern side begins battle against a force of the Black Rose

Year 19

Everath: The elves declare war on the Crusade

Year 20

Everath: The crusade fails in besieging Anndreninn and move onward north; they capture one of the Dark Lord's Generals, Aendora; The Champion of the Platinum Fist falls to succubi

Year 21

Nelos: Civil War breaks loose in Kallas

Year 22

Nelos: Parlax invades Kallas with aid of the Platinum Fist

Year 24:

Nelos: An Army of Undead destroys an Army of Peasants. Over 3000 Men and Woman are killed. Only an Handful survive.
Everath: The Platinum Crusade is crushed by the Dark Lord's true manifestation

to come:

Year 25

Nelos: The Royal Family flees from Kallas; the country is set under control of the Fist

Year 29:

The Plague moves through the world, killing most dragons on Nightscape
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