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08.01.2008 22:49
Vaerie antworten

The cult of caerie is a small one. Most of those that follow her are those tha twere touched by her outside of the daily dreams. Despite that, she is a well-known goddess, giver of dreams, preotector of dreamers and children, as well as mother and grandmother to many gods.
The power of the Lady dream , as many chidlren know her, is almost only shown during sleep. Visions lead people to their fate, dreams make like enjoyable, nightmares punish or show worries that need attention. This indirect meddling og the mortal world make her one of the most imprtant gods in all the realms, even if so few decide to devote their lives to her and her cult.
The cult itself is nto organized. There is no high or low rank, no novices or high priests. There are only deciples, those that willingly become Her voice, Her eyes, Her ears and Her hands, be it as tool, sword of helping hand.
Many Deciples of Vaerie build shrined throughout the worlds and keep them intact. Others wander the worlds to help mortal kin decipher the dreams they rcieve. Yet again others were touched, but they live normally, simply waiting to be touched again.
As oen of the eldest gods still living, Vaerie has seen ages even before the creation of the White Cities, possibly even far before the Angelic War. A handful of rumors claim that, in giving the Angels the ability to dream, they also were able to deny a godly order and, in thus, the angelic war began. No mortal will ever know truth of this, though.
Vaerie is often said to be the ultimate mother, not only because she is protective of children, but also because she gave birth to seveal fods, namely: Jhyraea the Peacebringer (lover of Tillian of Envaille, mother to Baroe of Stillwater and Sephyr the Calm, creator of Iyerhynn) Maeria Goldheart (also known as Mother Calmehart) and Rae'malja the Unseeing (lover of Aaron of Brightwater, mother of Golnash Abdek, the Seer).

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