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Die Träumerin

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29.12.2007 15:01
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The Ages

¤Before The Ages; The Endless Dreams

¤The First Age; The Age of Creation
The First One is created and learns
The first four gods are created and they too learn -> chaos, order, evil and good
The Home of the Gods is created; later three more gods are created -> life, death, fate
The mortals are created
Yollan gives the mortals the gift of magic and raises a mortal to godhood
The mortals go extinct
The humans and elves are created, one of each race rising to godhood
Orcs, alasch, dwarves and trolls are created. The Angelic Race recieves its own world
first subraces appear with their respective gods
The Library is created to chronicle the world's history
The dragons, smallfolk and goblins are created

¤The Second Age; The Age of Gods
Aeon is created, most races expand to other worlds
Several mortal-kin are raised to godhood; the races learn of dreams and Vaerie rises
The races learn of war
The dreamor are created; the first of their kind slays his creator and creates a homeworld
Gods begin to leave their home and create own worlds
the Angelic race learns of freedom and begins to desire it
the Oran'gosh and Mer appear; most subraces appear
the peak of elements is created
Dryads, treefolk, zhen'hirr appear
first gods become forgotten and die; several gods are born
the angelic race wages war against the gods, gaining freedom; they leave their home
The races thrive and expand; the home of the gods is nearly deserted
the mortal races begin to master magic
the gods gather on behalf of the seven and banish the First One from existence

¤The Third Age; The Age of Magic
The Seven are eradicated from history and banished to Darkness
Tribespeople and Clanspeople appear
War becomes common – the Warbringer rises to godhood
The races begin to mingle, creating greater varieties of culture
Gods are born, others rise; Sorrath the Fallen escapes his Prison and conquers a world
Mortal kin learn to journey to other worlds, then to create new worlds; Thisrae is created
The Order of the Talespinners takes responsibility over the Library
Wars are waged with magic; the Alasch journey the worlds; the Oran'gosh master journeying
the teachings of Balance become known in all worlds
the First Draemor unites the alaschen Race and becomes the First Lord
Sorrath creates the Godsbane, but loses control; they scatter through the worlds
Feren'daind is created
Rianestra takes her Father's throne and becomes the third God of Magic
The Light elves betray the dark elves and banish them below ground; the dark elves become known as the 'exiles'
The gods wage war amongst themselves
Feren'daind is titled White City and is a place of ultimate peace
The alaschen Empire shatters
Out of the War of the Gods, several Orders come to life, fighting for their respective gods
Sorrath conquers more worlds
The mortal kind masters magic and they create new races
The First Guardian gains power, but is soon banished for betrayal to balance
Thisrae becomes a place of gathering and knowledge
The sky elves declare themselves descendants of the angels; The Flame appears
Death Itself creates Kar to bring plagues to the worlds
The mortal wars take their toll; several worlds are destroyed or heavily marked; the Clanspeople gain their guardians
The Dark Lord is born; he enslaves the First Draemor
The Dark Lord is defeated; he is banished to the worlds of the Draemor
Yollan and Talia rise to godhood
Merless becomes a White City; Eion Aelkor beigns to fall
The alasch successfully combine magic with technology and begin to unite again. Vinnel is raised to Godhood
The alasch destroy all other races on their homeworlds; Merless is destroyed; The Dark Lord takes control over Eldor, last known elven king upon the alaschen worlds
Sorrath conquers the Home of Eleissah
The Platinum Fist is created
Golnash Abdek is born; he speaks prophecies at young age
Fallen Angel Landra Andros escapes her prison
The alasch begin to forget magic
The Dark Lord settles upon Talae
The Tribespeople nearly go extinct; Eion Aelkor dies, his son, Eion Lysnith takes his place
The Clanspeople war amongst themselves; the Belief of Balance begins to fade
The Alasch lose nightscape due to a magic invasion; they destroy all technology and fear magic
The Order of the Weave is created, settling upon Nightscape
A single Prisoner escapes Baj'hal
Kenrand and Soriah rise to godhood through the Order of the Weave
Eleissah escapes Sorrath several times; she hides with the remnants of her people on talae
Golnash Abdek settles on Talae; he takes control over the Library
Seyr'nul and Seyr'nai rise to godhood and attempt to keep the belief of balance alive
Magic is greatly lost due to the wars; Feren'daind is destroyed

¤The Fourth Age; The Age of Cycle
The Alasch slowly approach magic and technology again
The Alasch unite, creating a new Empire
A nameless Lord takes the alaschen Throne
Talia is captured and brought to the Dark Lord
The Dark Lord is defeated

¤The Fifth Age; The Age of War
The Hero who defeated the Dark Lord takes the Blackened Throne; he takes rule over all that the Dark Lord ruled
Aerionth is attacked by the Black Rose and other armies
The Platinum Crusade forms upon Nightscape
Many gods gather upon Talae; Sorrath swears to destroy the world if it is what it takes to kill Eleissah
Aerinoth is attacked again by a force unknown to even the gods
Eion Lysnith is defeated by his Avatar; the Layer of Magic is heavily Damaged and leaks on to Nightscape
The Dark Lord creates his old body and manifests again as his very Self upon the world
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