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10.01.2008 13:12
Gedankenfetzen - Dark Lord antworten

"All shall come to see what True Evil means"

"What is Evil? Is it Chaos? Order? Is it Freedom? Or imprisonment?"

"This sword... is mine. If I ever fall in Love, this sword will end it.. If I feel Hate, it shall free me from it. If I feel sorrow, it shall relieve it. If I feel Hope, it shall destroy it."

"Is Evil the lack of feelings? Or the manipulation of them?"

"If I have no heart, can I still be Darkness? Or do I need to know hwo thigns feel, to know what causes most suffering?"

"Evil... needs restriction. Does it? Or is it better off free? Can Evil be honorable? In the eyes of Balance, it must be..."

"What do the gods want of me? Have they wanted my existance? Do they fear me? Could I overthrow them, if I wanted to?"

"What is the worst that can happen to a mortal soul? Death? Pain? Intense feelings? Terror? Loss? Loneliness? The wish of death?"

"I am... Darkness itself. My mere presence taints all around me. What would happen if someone drank my blood? Is it filled with that essence of evil aswell? Would they become as I? Or would ntohing happen?

"Can a mortal being die without taking a single, physical wound? Is that evil? Or an aspect of it?"

"How much physical pain can a mortal being take, before it wishes death? How much, before it dies?

"Is death... salvation?"
"Death is the end of an existance. Death means no more suffering until there is rebirth, without memory of the past, except the scars left within the soul. Death is the end of suffer, if there is no banishment in to the demonic abyss. I shall torment those whose path crosses mine, until not even death can save them."

"Can a dark Heart live happily?"
"Those who are not happy do not wish to live. The only reason to live is to achieve joy. But joy is goodness, a feeling of the side of Good within Balance. If a heart is denied such feelings, it becomes cold and bitter. A dark Heart can never live happily."

"Must I live the way I wish others to live? Feel what others must feel?"
"Darkness must understand what it does. But that does not mean that it needs to experience it on it's self. Seeing what it does to others can be enough to understand the full meaning of feelings."

"Must Evil enjoy its doing? Is enjoying the dark deeds true Evil?"

"Can Joy also bring harm?"
"Joy can to a small part shatter a mortal. Every mortal being is different, in it's strengths, weaknesses, in it's joys and horrors. So also to some, joy will bring immense harm."

"Can Darkness respect life? Or wish Death?"

"Who am I, that my Soul is dark? No. I am no longer dark, nor black. I am far beyond darkness."

"How Much torture can a mortal soul live through, before it enters insanity?"

"Is it worse to watch torture, or being watched while being tortured?"
"The mortal being can be endlessly proud, and not dare show weakness. Or it can be endlessly selfless, and wish to take all burdens. Some people and things may be more important than one's own life. Others might be worthless."

"My hands shall bleed with the blood of thousands, far before I teach others how to let others bleed in heart, mind, body and soul."

"Is Darkness the destruction of light? Or the missing of light? Can Darkness know Light? Does it need Light?"
"Darkness is the counterbalance to Light. Both sides need each other, but both sides attempt to destroy each other. Darkness needs to know light, to know what it is not. To know what it must destroy and what it must spread."

"I shall be the bane of the worlds. My deeds shall be in a book bound in mortal skin and written by letters of innocent blood in a tongue forbidden to all. I shall gather an army around me, and they shall gather death around them. I shall teach even the most powerful of Draemor the true meaning of terror and suffer. I am true Darkness. And they are shining suns next to me."

"Is darkness total destruction, or can it also create? Is it death and doom, or also life?"
"Looking upon the history of the demons, it is clear that they were born of evil. Darkness can create. And it even has a right to exist in this world."

"The mortal being is fascinating in all ist Aspects. But I, the one who is Darkness, can I understand all aspects? Can I understand the mortal being fully? Is there Need to uderstand it, or is it foolish to try?"
"The more I understand, the more I know how I can make a mortal existance one of suffer. The less I know and understand, the less I can harm someone. If I know weaknesses and strengths, I can increase the weaknesses and crush the strengths..."

"I am true Evil. I am the counterbalance to all which is Good."

"I can sense my Nemesis with all senses mortal and immortal. The worlds have decided I am too Dark. Must I destroy this other side of balqnce? Must I disrespect it? Can I respect this Soul of pure Light?"
"I stare in to your eyes, and see your beaty as they are filled with terror. I can feel your power, your might, as you lose conciousness. I can respect you, for what you are, because, even us being complete opposites, we are so alike with such a burden. And it is not simple to live with such burden. But all the same, I wish to destroy you. Within the deepest deapths of by blackened heart, I hate you, and wish you, of all, to feel what I am, so I may crush you until there is nthing left within you which is pure and holy."

"My duty is unclear. My existance is a mystery. Why would the worlds wish me to exist, I, who is the doom of these worlds? To challenge them? To cause the world´s End? I do not understand. But I will play my part within Balance."

While he speaks, he is completely aware of himself and his words. His voice has a frightening calm, and his face expresses not madness, but intelligence.

He played with the sword, fascinated by it. The blade was thin, and in general it was a slender sword, not as heavy as its brothers and sisters were.

"This sword... Is it a Tool of Blood or a Symbol of Honor? It kills, destroys, but can it also do more? Does it matter whose blood is on its blade? Or if there is any Blood at all on it? Is a Sword a weapon of War, or can it also bring peace?"
"A blade is a tool. It has no heart, no mind, no soul. It lies within the bearer's will, what a tool becomes. I can kill with it, as easily as i can hinder further bloodspill. I can turn it in to a holy symbol, or in to an unholy one."

"Is Evil that what I think? Or that what I do? Or maybe, my wishes? Is it my actions or my intentions? Or is it somethign far beyond?"
"Is a deed evil if its intentions were good? Is a deed good if its intentions were evil? Even facing Balance, can good and evil be relative?"
"Good and evil are not born out of actions, but intentions, and how one feels after or while doing it. if the intention remains stable, a deed had that intention, and thus remains such, uncaring of opinions of others."
„What defines Good as Good and Dark as Dark? Intention, Action and consequence. Ultimately, it is the intention which is counted, but balance knows more. Out of a good intention and a dark action there might become a darker consequence...“

"Is there right and wrong in Balance? Is there right and wrong in Darkness? Are the worlds for each being black and white, decided by their wants and needs, or is there something beyond?"
"Good is all that makes one feel comfortable and well. Making one feel unwell, knowingly, wanting to, is evil. The methods to achieve both good and evil are relative, but not the definition of them."

He had stepped in to the circle of blood, closer and closer to the demon that had been banished for so long. His steps smeared the carefully drawn runes of the demonic language, breaking any seals to keep the demon imprisoned within the circle.
"Demon-King, Kor'rey-Tarra'gham, Firstborn Demon, Godslayer." he spoke, with great respect as he approached the nearly human being. He was sitll in the form that he had been banished in, with the clothes he had worn as he was banished.
"First Lord of the Alasch. Founder of the first united Empire of our race. Demon-Father. Man-Betrayer."
He bowed deeply, then rose, to look in to those eyes that screamed for blood and doom.
"Summoned. Freed. Kor, the one fallen to man."
The Demon rose a hand, and as he rose it, the pale, bautiful hand of man formed in to a terrible, grotesque claw. The claw came crashing down upon him, but he didn't move, didn't twitch. He stood there, and watched how his clothes were torn apart just as was his skin. He felt a horrible pain on his right shoulder, he felt his warm blood slowly running down his body. But he didn't react to the pain. He smiled.
"Welcome to Aerinoth, Kor."

"Is Darkness only found in truth? Or can it also be found in lies?"
"Truth is undeniable. Lies can be countered and broken. Truth is reality. A lie may harm, if it is taken as reality. Sometimes, only a lie can break, because truth is accepted. Both can deal equal damage. The lie, though, can be revealed. Truth remains unmoved and unbroken."

"Where I Reign, there is no hope, only duty. Where I reign, there is no love, only need. Wehre I reign, there is no freedom, only loyalty. And still, they are not as I. They can not live as I. They have hearts which need to be tended, and minds which need to be challenged. They may know love and care, and may need such. I will not look upon them. They will fear me, and be bound to me with both fear and loyalty. In turn, I will not look upon them and not care for them. But If I look upon someone, they will suffer dearly. That is my Mercy."

"Demons bow to me. Why do they bow to me? Because I have made their king bow? The king whom they despise more than anything? If that is so, then they are fools. Fools which do not know when they need to stop measuring their loyalties by power."

He watched the demoness with his eyes, how she swayed around him with her death-bringing beauty. Any other mortal man, if not most women, would have ripped their clothes off their body and given in to this beast. But not him. He watched as she touched him, herself. He watched her with distant, maybe polite, interest. He watched and let her attempt at sparking a burning desire within himself. But she failed.
He laughed at her miserable attempt. He laughed at his missing feelings. He laughed at the demonic race.
And then he was serious, and in a sudden jerk, slapped her so hard that even she found herslf on the ground. With a loud hiss and growl, she attempted to flee.
"No. You will not." Within a soft motion, he found himself in her way, and grabbed her throat. She struggled, clawed, kicked, attempted to bite. "No. You will not flee me. You will serve me Kelliah´atar Neheth´zhimm. You will serve me, or die, now, a final death, even for a demon."
She knew, if she wanted to live, she had no choice.

"Brother. Brother. My dear brother." He looked upon the aging man in his miserable cell, bound by rope, chain and spell. "Do I need to be merciful with you, oh dear brother? Or do I need to treat you worse?" There was no answer, only a glance of hate.
"Mother weeped. Father attempted to speak. In sheer respect for having given me life, keeping me alive, they found a rather swift death. What about you?" Still, there was No answer. Except for the prisoner´s bonds tightening, as he tensed with a feeling beyond hate.
"Your wives. The first suffered dearly. The second was promised a tortured life for her daughter. But what about you?"

He stepped through the sea of bodies, each and every single one of these men, women and children struck down by him.
Some still lived, others had died too quickly by their horrible wounds. Some were sitting up, eyes filled with something far beyond horror, unnoticing of their physical wounds. These people had the honor to see a small spark of true evil. All that he, darkness incarnated, was doing now was dooming those souls which were not harmed enough yet.
He would scar them so dearly, that time could not heal them. Never.

"I who stands at the edge of the worlds. I who stand between life and utter destruction. I, the bane of all. I bow to no god. I bow not even to balance. I bow to no one."

He looked upon the one named his father. Then upon the one named his mother. “You love me, despite me being a beast?” They did not answer, and so he continued, moving a step closer to them. “I let you live, I let you live in illusion, for one, because I owe you my life. But on the other hand, to have all the terror hit you at once.”
Her rose a bloodied hand, and pointed at the two named his parents. “You taught me, and I've learnt, you were blind, and so I was too. But now, I have no use for you, nor anything else. Pay for your stupidity!”
His other hand rose with the sword that it held, and he finished what he begun, here and now. But he did not kill them. He would ensure things far worse would happen to them.
Death was relief.

And the Blind Man spoke: “I see walls of bone and blood, and I see whips of rope and leather, drenched in death. I see things no living man or woman should ever see... And I see this soul above it.”
And he smirked, and looked down on the Blind Man. Only barely could he contain the fascination of the words. He did not like, nor dislike this future. And he did not like, or dislike, the stares about. He was amused, since he knew his nature by now.

He stepped through the wilds, stepped long and silently, until some fools decided to deal with him. They demanded all things of worth, or his life. His reply was a laugh.
“You demand of me, whose heart is of darkness? Whose soul is as the moonless, starless night? You demand of me, the bane of the worlds?”
He drew his sword, the tool to strengthen the threat in his words... but he did not act yet. Fools they were, and they would see, but fools they mustn't die as.
Intimidated, the thugs were still ready to fight for what they wanted and needed, desperate.
And so, he hesitated no longer, and showed them what it meant to oppose True Evil.

He felt it. He felt it come nearer, his bane. At last, he was to meet her. After so many years, since her birth, of having her watched, he would see her. He gave his final orders, to let them inside, but to make it hard to reach him. He expected them to come, to survive to him, to this room of black stone. There was something like a thrill of excitement in him. There were questions he need answered, things he still did not know, and he was sure, the girl would help him answer...

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