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Die Träumerin

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17.01.2008 22:47
Kenrand the Slippery Hand antworten

Shadowmaster Kenrand "Demoneye" the Slippery Hand, God of Trickery, Thieves and Power.

Kenrand is praised amongst many thieves. It is said tha the lost his right hand as he attempted to steal from another god. Antoher myth around him is that he ripped out his own eye to replace it with the eye of a demon to make him see all. A third myth says that he had risen to godhood by allying with mages, and betrayed them by taking all power from them.

Kenrand is fond of thieves that steal for the thrill of it. He can aid them, or test them, just to amuse himself on their victory or misery.

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Die Träumerin

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10.04.2008 23:08
#2 Shadowmaster Kenrand antworten

Kenrand rose to godhood by power alone. He was, as mortal, always thirsting for the ultimate thrill and for ever-greater power. He joined a young order named 'The Order of the Weave', located upon nightscape. He learned of the Order's secrets and rose quickly in rank by stealing artifacts of great magic power, until he finally became the rank of Shadowmaster.
Here he finally could use the power of the actual core of Nightscape, known as the Weave. He multiplied his power by tricking creatures of power in to the core and sealing them inside. This included one of the other Shadowmasters, tricked to sacrifice himself. During this time, Kenrand also met the woman Soriah. They allied, and rarely seperated from then on, and abused the power of the Weave to rise to so much power that they became gods.
Kenrand is no longer dependent on the power of the Weave, but a large part of his might lies still there. This is a reason why he still is part of the Order of the Weave, and keeps a careful watch on the world of Nightscape.

~ ... so singt es der Wind ... ~

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