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Die Träumerin

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19.01.2008 06:01
Jhyraea antworten
Jhyraea the Peacebringer, Daughter of Vaerie. Jhyraea is is sister to Maeria Goldheart and Rae'malja. She is also lover of Tillian of Envaille and mother to Baroe of Stillwater and Sephyr the Calm. Furthermore, she creater the Angel Iyerhynn whom later became a god.

Jhyraea is the Goddess of life, death, and protection. She stands for a natural cycle of life, but also for care and peace. Devoted to Her is the Order of the White Shield, a group of courageous people that live to form the aspect of life and protection.

Many people believe in Jhyraea. She is usually shown as angelic creature in long, flowing robes of brilliant white, playing a harp, around her the souls of the dead that rest in peace under her care.
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