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Die Träumerin

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19.01.2008 22:17
Rae'malja the Unseeing Antworten

Rae’malja Vinnja Ihl’ghar, the Unseeing, Lady Brightlight, daughter of Vaerie. Rae'malja is the lover of Aaron of Brightwater and mother to the Prohpet-God Golnash Abdek

She is the Goddess of Light and Truth. Legend says that she took her eyesight as her lover's people were murdured. She made herself blind to the cruellty she had seen, then she begun searching for a reason in what had happened.

Devoted to her is the Order of the Seekers of Truth. They attempt to undo lies and bring clarity where there is none. It can happen that rich organisations call for a seeker of truth to aid in a complex case. Not all Seekers of Truth, though, devote themselves to the Goddess Rae'malja

Rae'malja is usually shown in white robes with dark tanned skin. A black blindfold covers her eyes.

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19.01.2008 22:23
#2 RE: Rae'malja the Unseeing Antworten

Sieht das Zeichen aus wie eine Kopflose Eidechse, oder bin nur Ich das?


Anything I believe in I can do.
And I believe I can do Anything.

Ich habe das Geheimnis der Unsterblichkeit entdeckt.


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Die Träumerin

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08.06.2008 00:50
#3 The Seekers of Truth Antworten

(das stellst du dir nur vor)

Partially devoted to Rae’malja Vinnja Ihl’ghar, the woman that blinded herself to find truth, the Seekers of Truth do just that - they seek the ultimate truth in all things, in life, justice, reason and world. The order is split, as not all have a religious devotion to the search.
Those Seekers, that show themselves openly to the world, those, that are hired by king and court, they are those seekers that lack religious devotion, that wear robe and blindfold only as symbols, without any further intention. Those Seekers also do not know all too much of Rae'malja, and have little or no religious connection to her.
The others are for a large amount very devout, not few of them actually sacrificing their eyesight for the sole purpose of it, though near all gain other abilities through the loss of their eyes. Every Seeker of Truth is said to hear when a person lies and know if something is wrong through illusion or trick. Some say, it is magic powers that the Seekers gain, others say it is experience and perfection in their art of trade. But they agree that the Seekers near always find what they seek.

~ ... so singt es der Wind ... ~

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