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Die Träumerin

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23.01.2008 01:26
Talia, the White Rose antworten

Talia of the White Rose Tribe, Goddess of Good. She represents kindness, purity, innocent Love, care and pacifism. She is the aspect of True Good in the sense of the Belief of Balance.

Few follow her way, because it is a hard path to follow. Her followers, made of priests, healers and mere men and women devoted to her, have Talia's protection, for she respects those that burden themselves with Her path. They are mostly granted a small amount of magic power to cast protective and healing spells. Some of her followers are also known to be able to fight, but only to defend themselves, or to disarm their enemy, but never to assault, harm or kill.

Legend says that Talia's beauty and purity is unmatched.

Talia is the lover of Yollan

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Die Träumerin

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03.03.2008 00:55
#2 The Healers antworten

A specific group of people that follow Talia's path are those only known as the Healers. They live and die to tend the wounded, comfort those in need and protect the weak, all without ever touching a weapon of war or spilling a drop of hostile blood, with faith and word alone.

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