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Die Träumerin

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23.01.2008 01:36
Yollan, the First One Antworten

Yollan, the First One, the Shield. Yollan is the God of Protection and Creation.

Yollan was banished from all life, but the banishment did not succeed fully. Sometime near the end of the Age of Magic, Yollan was reborn in to a mortal body. His full potentional awoke when he met the Dark Lord, Ilder Keldan. After he finished living his mortal life, he took his place as God again, living to protect his lover, Talia, and living to see a promise fulfilled.

Yollan's followers are still few, but most are devoted to protect what they care most for, and he looks proudly upon such people. Others still hold on to ancient ways, and praise him as the one who created all.

Yollan's Symbol is a Shield divided in to five sections; upon each of these, there is a rune and a color.

Lore tells that Yollan wanders the worlds with Talia.

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Die Träumerin

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03.03.2008 00:52
#2 RE: Yollan, the First One Antworten

Despite his past of creator of everything that is known, he has grown frond of a specific element: of Fire. This may show in one of his messengers, a Firebird, or in some powers he grants his closest followers.

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