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Die Träumerin

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27.01.2008 19:43
Thisrae, the City Antworten

If there is a place worthy to be called 'Centre of the World', then it is Thisrae, a world that is covered in a single city. Here, everything meets, and here the ancient paths still exist, and they struggle against the new views of the world. Here, in Thisrae, people come and go in an endless stream.

In Thisrae, so they say, all is possible.

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Die Träumerin

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09.04.2008 23:31
#2 RE: Thisrae, the City Antworten

Thisrae is an eternal city in a closed world with it's own laws. There is no nature as such, only all sorts of gardens and areas claimed by elves and others that claim to die without a reminder of the wilds. House stands besides house, and passages come and go with the people entering and leaving the city. The span of Thisrae cannot be measured, and its size changes with every moment.
Thisrae has no day or night, only twilight. It has no Moon, no star. Clouds and rain only appear by magic, as does great wind and storm. It is temperate, matching the needs of most cretures that roam in Thisrae. The sky is limited, and one can not fly higher than a certain point, being pulled down so hard that it would pain to go any further.

Thisrae was founded by several mages wishing to create a place for themselves to rule, and to glorify themselves in having created somethign grand. None of the mages live this day, most having simply died of age or murdur, whislt others disapepared. The rulership has always changed, as the city itself, from a council to anarchy, to dictatorwhip and a council again. Yet this day, the city has such a span that a sigle rulership is barely possible.
Cultures and sub-cultures were born here. Some fell in to oblivion, others remain to this day. Guilds have formed in one part of the city as friendly alliance, whilst street-bands fight for rulership in another. In one part, a line of elven nobles has most power, in another the high priest of some god controls the people.
Magic is free to use, though there are restrictions by global law. How far these laws can be pressed varies extremely, though...

~ ... so singt es der Wind ... ~

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