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Die Träumerin

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29.01.2008 19:12
The Elven Kindred antworten

Aeons ago, the Elven Race was created after the image of one of the first Gods - Fate. They were given a home of their own, and one of them was risen to be a god. They grew quickly fond of nature, and through their long life, they learnt to seek perfection in all things.
So the elven race, with time, became famous by having very long lives, beautiful art and grand structures blended in to the nature they lived in.
With time, the Elven race split. Some left their home and wandered to other worlds. Some of those found home in sunlight and warm places, far away from the moderate forests. Those became the Dark Elves, because their skin darkened with time. Others began to explore what lie beneath the gound, until they were lost and couldn't find their way up to the surface again. Those were called the Light Elves, because their skin paled without the sun. Some elves heard the call of the seas, and they lived upon the waters until they forgot what land was, and they were pulled beneath the water and from then on called Sea Elves. Still others began living only during night-time, and were like predators. Their strength, just like the Folk of the Moons, was gained by the Moons high in the skies. Those were then called Moon Elves. And with them lived the Sun Elves, who gathered their brilliance through daylight, and their skin recieved a golden color. Yet others who thought the perfection something far more simple, they became the Wild Elves and lived like beasts of prey. Last, some elves wished to join the skies. They grew wings and were from there on called the Sky Elves
Through countless years, the elves seperated to become different. Those that remained as they were were named the Wood Elves, living in their grown homes and still sought to be perfect in art or poetry, in swordplay or song, in craft or knowledge.

Through the Ages, things changed. The Moon and Sun Elves warred each other upon Pediah. The Light Elves warred with the Dark Elves and banished them beneath the surface, for they were envious. The Light Elves the named themselves High Elves and thought themselves superior to all. The Sky Elves lost knowledge of their past and claimed themselves to be part of the Angelic Race. Anf the Wood Elves were for a large part banished form their forests, onyl to have their homes taken by the High Elves.

During one of the countless wars of the gods amongst each other, the eldest of the elven gods fell, and he race was for a large part unprotected. One of the angelic kind appeared, and fought bravely against those that wished to harm the elven races. That Angel was named Iyerhynn, and since that day he is known to all elven races as their protector.

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Die Träumerin

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13.05.2008 18:14
#2 The Wood Elves antworten

These are the elves that have created a high culture with nature, and not against it as many other cultures have done. These Elves rarely have cities, but more often so little towns in and with the forest and trees. Rare cities are usually a far more complex version of a little town, and are only found in very old forests, partially built atop ancient trees and sometimes on platforms across several branches.
The Wood elves live for harmony with nature and perfection of life and art. They usally have a strong bond with nature and not few of the wood elves have a magical gift as well.
Wood elves are usually described as slender, rarely taller than an average human, and mostly have dark hair with light skin and mostly green eyes in all tones. Their personalty is mostly friendly and welcoming, though once one is angry, there is no easy forgiving. Dressed they are most in fine leathers or sturdy cloths, though also finer clothes are found amongst nobility, especially in cities.

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